Counting Stars - Alannah Carbonneau
Holy goodness Alannah!!!

I was given a copy of Counting Stars for an honest review and all I say is THANK YOU so much Alannah!!

I don't think I have read a book in a very long time that made me feel so many damn emotions. I bawled like a baby during the first 3 chapters, I don't mean just a tear here and there I mean I ugly, nasty cried. The writing just grabbed me and made me feel all of the pain that Reese was going through, so tissues will be needed.
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Reese is a 23 year old widow who's husband, Derek, just past away after they've only been married for 9 months. Counting Stars is about her journey to making herself whole again and getting over his death.

While searching the internet Reese comes across an ad for Wild Land Tours. As soon as she sees this she knows this is just thing that she needs to help make her whole again. Little does she know that this Tour of the mountains will change her life in more ways than she ever imagined when she encounters Logan, the owners oldest son.

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