Awakening to You... in LA - Fifi Flowers
I was given this ARC for a honest review and after finishing Awaking to LA all I can say is "WOW!" Way to knock the ball out of the park again Fifi. I don't think I felt so many different emotion while reading a book in a while, sad, happy, pissed, disappointment, anger, hope etc. I just can't wait for the next.

This book picks up right where Awaking to Boston left off. Awaking to LA is told by both Sofie and Drake which I loved. Will Sofie and Drake make their way back to each other or did they just have Boston? I'm not telling, I know evil right.
There is a new person introduced who you will want to throat chop. Hopefully they get what's coming to them in the 3 book.

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Not wanting to give anything away I will simply say ONE CLICK this baby Sept 22nd you WON'T be disappointed, drama, suspense, great story and OH so steamy.