Liberty Belle - MaXXX Cummings
First of all I want to start out by saying this book was hard as hell to review. There were things that I LOVED and there were things that I didn't like so much. With that being said I'm giving my rating based on the story line.

If you're looking for a quick hot read, with a HOTT man by the name of Maxwell A. Cummings in his Navy Class A's, Belle a widow who goes out for a night on the town, then is the book to read. Liberty Belle will give you a little of everything from drama, suspense, a few good laughs to some extremely steamy scenes especially a scene that involves a hot tub.

"Ever fucked a mute girl"

"You're like...a freak of nature, Fire Hose Freddie!"

I will warn you that there are a LOT of adjectives used throughout this book. At times they confused the hell out of me and I found myself having to re-read sections. I prefer authors to just give me the "hot stuff" straight without all the fluff.