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MercyMercy by Lucian Bane
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If you've seen my reviews you know that I use A LOT of gifs to convey my thoughts on a book. Mercy Mercy Mercy..

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Mercy: A Dark Erotica had me feeling so many damn emotions til it just wasn't funny. I laughed, I cried, I had some WTF moments but most of all I felt EVERYTHING the characters were going through.

Sade is the sadomasochist tattoo artist who has his own world of issues.

Mercy has a wanna save the world and the troubled people in it type of personality with her own tote of physical and emotional problems. Their paths cross when Mercy finds a file on Sade that her dead father was keeping.

Mercy A Dark Erotica will KEEP you on the edge of your seat right from the first page. Trust me I had my popcorn ready when I saw the very first teaser and BOOM I needed it!!

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So if you are ready for a raw, gritty, emotional book that will suck you in from the jump then you really need to read Mercy you will NOT be disappointed. Oh and OMG the ending let me just share with you my reading experience for the last 2 pages. I'm laying in bed its midnight and I'm almost done and I get to the last page and sit straight up in bed and yell "motherf**ker"! I had to read the last 2 pages 3 times to make sure what I was reading was correct and each time I finished motherf**ker was my only reaction. So I'm going to leave you with this gif.

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