Poker: Foolish Games (The Thomas Hunt Series) (Volume 3) - Sam J.D. Hunt, Sara Eirew, Sara Eirew

Poker: Foolish Games (The Thomas Hunt Series, #3)Poker: Foolish Games by Sam J.D. Hunt
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Can I just say that I so sad to see Sam and Thomas's story end.

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Poker picks up with Sam and Thomas working to solve the sex slave trafficking that has been going. While working on helping with slave trafficking we got to see more of the dominant side of Thomas come out. Which let me just say is H.O.T.!!

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So if you are looking for a HOT series with a REALLY storyline, lots of action and suspense then you really need to read The Thomas Hunt Series. Sam JD Hunt you did an amazing job with series can't wait to see what you have planned next.

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