Mr. Wright Now (A Wild Card Novel - Book 1) - Alannah Carbonneau

Mr. Wright Now (A Wild Card Novel - Book 1)Mr. Wright Now by Alannah Carbonneau
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First off I want to say Thank you to Alannah for the ARC OMG!!! Alannah your writing is truly amazing. I was sucked in right from the very beginning.

Mr. Wright Now was an amazing quick, HOT, funny and emotional read. Nelena has a runaway bride moment while walking down the aisle and runs to Vegas with her best friend Kali. Little does she know that the 14 day Vegas getaway vacation will change her life.

Kade is a Vegas dancer who only believes is one night stands. That however changes when meets Nelena in a Vegas club. He wants more that a one night stand he wants 14 days of a no strings and no emotions. Can both Nelena and Kade do this?

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